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                          ABout us

Founded in 1981, Western Bay Sheet Metal, Inc. remains a family-owned company that has
become one of San Diego County’s leading architectural and general sheet metal, architectural metal,
composite panel (ACM) and ornamental  and decorative metal fabricator and installer.


As one of San Diego’s design and build leaders in the area of sheet metal, Western Bay Sheet Metal, Inc. is constantly working with Architects and Contractors to develop cost-appropriate solutions for all construction types and needs.

Western Bay Sheet Metal, Inc. has been one of the top sheet metal subcontractors in San Diego County for over 30 years, with the continuing goal of providing our customers in the commercial and public construction industry the highest quality products and services, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Safety is always Western Bay Sheet Metal’s, Inc. top priority. From the safety of our workers while building a project, to the safety of other site personnel (General Contractor, other trades, Inspector, Architect, Owner, etc.) during the course of construction and to the safety of the end users who inhabit or visit the projects after we are completed.


Zero lost time is Western Bay Sheet Metal’s, Inc. goal. Safety is a critical component on every project, both in our production facility and on-site, that helps Western Bay Sheet Metal, Inc. complete all aspects of every project on budget and ahead of schedule.


To check out some accreditations we have been awarded for our industry practices please visit the awards page.


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